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Real Estate Development


Property Management


Location Services

Real estate Development

Our team is fascinated by, and drawn to, the grand vision of "creating a masterpiece that represents humankind."


STUMP staff members not only come from the real estate industry, but also from the worlds of art, finance, IT, and apparel. They are people of all races with diverse backgrounds.


Everyone at our company has a creative soul that is inspired by the process of "creating something that does not exist," and a spirit that is willing to overcome any difficulties to bring this creation into being.

STUMPLtd., services
STUMPLtd., services

Property Management

STUMP's property management business has a mission to maximize the profitability of the exclusive properties developed by STUMP from the “software side”—that is, from the perspective of service.


We tap into insights in the industry that provides housing to wealthy individuals from around the world, such as executive-focused serviced apartments and accommodation operations for inbound businesses, and studio operations for overseas high-end brands, to create a unique service program like no other.


Ultimately, a feeling of luxury is grounded in receiving exceptional service. We will investigate this idea from every angle to develop a service that is unique and full of creativity.

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