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Timeless Real Estate


In life, the things that we remember most stand out because they are unique 

and they evoke powerful emotions from deep within. We want to share them with

those closest to us—or even tell our children about them, years from now.

And in some way, they inspire an unforgettable sense of happiness. These things can come

in many forms: experiences, objects, or people.

Our passion is to create living spaces that reflect these same qualities.


A New Level of Luxury


As a company that is dedicated to creating luxurious, unforgettable living spaces, we’re committed to the experience and study of luxury. This has led us to understand that this quality is not just about being able to buy expensive items or having access to rare materials. Luxury at its heart is about reaching the ultimate comfort—in your home and with the quality of the service that you receive. We provide our clients with an unrivaled standard of luxury, whether this means outfitting our properties with the highest-quality furniture and fixtures from around the world or offering completely personalized property management services that are both multilingual and multicultural. 

Minami aoyama - new


Timeless Art


In creating buildings that are one of a kind, we did not have to look far for inspiration. Japan is home to a long tradition of craftsmanship and attention to detail

that is celebrated around the world. And the work of these generations of artisans would not be possible without a wealth of natural resources—wood, stone, and clay among them—from which they have fashioned their pieces. And the end results speak for themselves. For example, it would be impossible to look at the unique work of a master potter—a creation of clay, fire, and careful glazing—and not be moved.


The feelings that such a piece evokes aren’t just the result of the item’s appearance: it’s as if a part of the soul of the potter exists within the vessel. STUMP Ltd.,  shares this deep and abiding love for natural raw materials, and they play a crucial role in every building we develop. In addition, our team of architects, designers, and artists is informed by this same spirit of craftsmanship that has inspired centuries of artisans, and they pour their heart and soul into creating bespoke spaces that don’t simply look beautiful but stimulate the deepest emotions.



Built to Last


Great structures throughout history—from the pyramids

to the Empire State Building—are the products of great visions, and are born out of ambition to create something that will last for countless generations. These monuments surpass being just impressive landmarks—they are the highest form of art. When we design a new living space,

we have the same ambition: to create something that will stand the test of time, and continue to gain value as it ages, getting passed down with pride to the generations

that follow.

STUMP ltd.,
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